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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

26 killed in church attack in Texas

At least 26 people were killed and 20 wounded by a gunman shot at a church in the US state of Texas. A gunman wearing a black garment attacked the barbarist at around 11:30 local time on Sunday. News Bose.
The authorities not only mention the name of the gunman but also said that he is a white young man. It can be 20 years old. She was wearing bulletproof clothing.
When a man came out after the shoot, local residents followed him to catch him. After a while, local law enforcement agencies joined the rally. Later, the attacker was found dead in an accident in a nearby Guadeloupe County. The police could not be sure that the attacker committed suicide, or whether the locals shot him dead. Governor Greg Abbott is worried, the number of dead can increase.
The latest incident took place after just five weeks after the horrific shooting in modern US history. Immediately after the tragic incident, US President Donald Trumpch profoundly condemned the tone and condemned the attack on Twitter. Trump overseas, pledged full support for his administration to investigate the incident.

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