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Monday, October 30, 2017

Singer Kailash attempted suicide due to lack money

Kailah kher

'Allah ka Bande' or 'Teri Diwani'  Whenever you hear will remember that he is Kailash Kher. He made his place in the world of music in Bollywood.

The popular musician recently said that his life is an unknown word. Maybe he will be surprised to know, he went to commit suicide!

In an interview given by Indian, Kailash said, "There was a lot of financial loss at one time. I was depressed for nearly a year. At that time I decided to end life. I jumped into the river to commit suicide. But one of my friends saved me.

Kailash has done a lot of work before starting the career of the song. Never did business, sometimes or sales. But after getting a chance in Bollywood, they did not have to look back.

After 16 years of successful journalism, Kailash thinks, "If I had met the boy today, I would have stopped him from going to suicide." Hindustan Times.

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